Up to this date Amanda's Lemonade Stand has raised over $170,000!

Please watch this great video of Amanda and Joshua recently receiving the Ve’Ahavta Tikun Olam Award!!!






Joshua and I serving lemonade and cookies at the stand!


City Councillor Robinson stops by to give Joshua and I a beautiful plaque of honour from the city of Toronto! Thank you so much!


 MP John Carmichael comes out once again to support us, and also present us with a fantastic award of honour. Thank you so very much for everything!



Joshua and I with the amazing kangaroo from the incredible Bowmanville Zoo! The kangaroo’s name is Jack, and he was one of the highlights of the day! Have you ever heard of a lemonade stand with a kangaroo? I didn’t think so. (Also, just to clear the air, Jack isn’t biting Joshua… he’s smelling him to see if he has any treats!)









AmandasLemonade_Flyer2013 copy-page-001

Due to a previous engagement of mine, Joshua went to accept the Ontario Volunteer Service Award on my behalf (best brother ever)!!! As well as receiving a very special award of his own!

P1040626I’m so proud of you buddy!!!!


It felt totally surreal. The experience was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before and it was once-in-a-lifetime. I was so incredibly honoured to be recognized as one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20. I admit, the interview process was quite nerve-racking – to talk to a member of the Order of Canada and submit countless applications was definitely an interesting journey in itself. But then the Leadership Summit began, and I was thrust into an unfamiliar environment with 19 other people who knew about as much as me in terms of what was about to happen… so in other words, nothing. I was nervous, I really was and had no idea what to expect. But the one thing I never expected to except was meeting the 19 people who would change my life for the next four days. I seriously cannot talk enough about these guys, I’m still so much in awe and admiration of their amazing accomplishments and also how down-to-earth and personable each of them were. They were just as nervous as I was, but somehow in those four days, we became great friends!

The Leadership Summit included such adventures as visiting the Globe and Mail newspaper (and even sitting in on a top secret editorial meeting), getting a great stress-counselling session at Right Management, participating in Media Training, and learning all about Personal Branding. All of the workshops, guest speakers and presentations were not only informative, but they all so relevant and applicable which is always fantastic!

Then on Thursday morning, came the Awards Breakfast. This was the chance to show off all we had learned during the week (especially in Media Training), in a three-question-interview in front of at least 200 people, talking about what we did to receive the award. And guess what? I was first up to go. It was terrifying. But at the end of the day, I think I did a pretty good job and it was such a relief to finish answering those three questions!

Overall, the Top 20 Under 20 Award experience was once-in-a-lifetime, and it’s one I’ll never ever forget. I’ll always cherish my time with those 19 amazingly accomplished young people, and hope to stay in touch for many years to come!

P1040256 copyMe and Joshua at the Awards Breakfast

IMG_0618The 20 of us with our awards, at the breakfast


(This is a great picture in the newspaper of me, talking about the Top 20 Under 20 Award)



Power of the Hour – 30 Second Spot


So, we’ve finally arrived to the now. Whoa, that’s exciting. 2012 was the most recently lemonade stand, and even though it was over a year ago, I still remember it like it was yesterday. It wasn’t raining that year, which was fantastic, and we even had a incredible surprise visitor, see below:

Lemonade Stand 2012 (44)That’s right, John Carmichael (MPP), came to visit us at the lemonade stand! He’s been coming to the stand for the past few years, and we so appreciate all of his amazing support and help. Thank you so much Mr. Carmichael – you’re amazing!

Below, is a great picture of Joshua and I with some yellow balloons. And I don’t like balloons, but I held them… just for the picture – no other reason. But it’s a cute picture:

Lemonade Stand 2012 (83)

And then here is the flyer for the lemonade stand, so you can see all the invaluable supporters we have every year, that we really could never do the lemonade stand without. Our supporters mean the world to us, and they truly know the meaning of making a positive impact in the world, and supporting their community. They are the real believers in my lemonade stand, and in all my hard work, and I appreciate them so much. THANK YOU GUYS! Newest Flyer 2012And yes, 2012 also marked the year that Joshua took over the lemonade stand for the second year in a row. And truthfully, he did an incredible job, as I knew he would. Joshua makes me so proud as a big sister and I feel so privileged to be able to pass on the love and spirit of making a difference to the “next generation” (kidding, it’s the same generation, but still… younger kids). He now knows the importance of giving back to his community, and that will be something that he can carry on with him for the rest of his life. 




For the first time in Amanda’s Lemonade Stand history, it rained on lemonade day. Really, it had never happened before, so this was a kind of obstacle that no one had expected, and we had to adapt to rather quickly. But, besides that, the lemonade stand was a success. We prevailed, and it was the first year that Joshua officially took over the lemonade stand. Yes, 2011 was actually a really huge year! Super-busy, but super-rewarding!

Joshua taking over Lemonade Stand


Below, is an article written about the lemonade stand that year: Snapshot 2011-05-19 22-15-30



Also, that year was ginormous in the sense that it was the inception of LEMON-STOCK. It was my battle of the bands event for teenagers, that was to promote teens getting involved in changing the world, one band, and one glass of lemonade at a time. Lemon-Stock was “fixing hearts” and “saving soles” because we were raising money for Save a Child’s Heart, Sick Kids Hospital, and Soles for Souls (which collected shoes for people in developing countries around the world). We had a total of 13 bands competing at the event, and to headline it, we had the incredible DANNY FERNANDES!

LemonStock with Danny copy

Also, below is the Lemon-Stock logo, that also went on all the shirts. Awesome? Definitely! lemonstock_logo


Who knew that 2011 could be an even busier year? Well, guess what, is was! In that year, we also started the “Nothing’s Impossible Young Entrepreneur Course!” The course was a spectacular one day event that taught 9 to 15-year-olds how to be social entrepreneurs in their own communities. And, it was a giant success! We taught the attendees my five steps to making a difference: 1) Finding A Cause; 2) Brainstorming; 3) Advertising; 4) Staying Determined; 5) Having Fun

Between bringing in the fantastic Ryerson University students to teach the kids about advertising, having great hands-on activities, and giving out many brochures for the organizations that mean something to me in order to inspire them, it was an unforgettable day of learning and self-enrichment. Here’s a picture of me teaching the “Staying Determined” section:

Entreprener Conference (59)



Well, 2011 was an insanely busy year, but it came with many incredible rewards and experiences that I will never forget!